Freeze-dried Fruits

Freeze-dried fruits, sun-ripened, crunchy - 100% natural. Also a snacky treat as a fruit mix.



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Freeze-dried fruit: the taste of the whole world.

What makes us so special? Sun-ripened fruit from all over the world: crunchy apples and bright red strawberries like from grandma's garden, delicious Mediterranean figs or exotic long-distance travelers around mango, pineapple and coconut. Always harvested fully ripe and gently freeze-dried, so that you get exactly what you really want from your fruit: the real fruit taste and the full load of vitamins and minerals.

That's why our fruit is freeze-dried.

You don't know what freeze-drying is? No problem, we'll explain it to you quickly. Freeze-drying preserves fruit using extreme cold and a vacuum. The fruit loses its water, becomes deliciously crunchy and stays fresh for many months, but we opted for freeze-drying above all because it is so gentle on our sensitive fruit. All the flavors are retained and even intensified because the fruit is no longer watery. When you crunch away, your tongue is treated to a fruity taste party.

But even more importantly, freeze-drying preserves what makes fruit so healthy. Freeze-dried fruit contains just as many micronutrients as fresh fruit. Every buah crunch is therefore not only a treat, but also provides you with minerals, vitamins and other trace elements.

0 % additives for all those with a sweet tooth

Freeze-drying allows us to dispense with all additives such as flavor enhancers or preservatives. What awaits you when you open the packaging with shining eyes is 100% nature without any chemical frills, which means that not only vegans or people with food intolerances such as lactose intolerance can enjoy them more often, but also children. Because we don't add sugar to our fruit either; only fructose makes it sweet. Snacks for in-between meals that make children's hearts beat faster and don't give mom or dad a guilty conscience. It's easy with the best of the fruit.

Only fruit in the buah fruit.

Now you just have to decide which fruit to choose. Not so easy, is it? But don't worry, in addition to the pure varieties, you'll also find our delicious fruit blends for chewing, with nuts or for that special moment of indulgence with cocoa. Whatever you choose, we promise you one thing: buying freeze-dried fruit from buah means only the best from nature, without compromise.