Fully ripe & freeze-dried. The fruits with the crunch.

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Only sun, only fruit, only nature.

About our purity law
buah Dose Mandarine vor gelb-orangen gestreiftem Hintergrund und Mandarinen Stücken vor der Dose

New, for a short time only.

Makes every moment extra special.

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Why are our freeze-dried fruits so delicious?

The original of nature.

100% pure, ripe fruit.

Our freeze-dried fruits are harvested when they are fully ripe. Naturally perfectly formed and equipped with valuable nutrients. With us they become the ideal snack. Wonderfully crunchy, keeps for several months and 100% fruity.


0% additives.

The fruit's own sugar naturally sweetens our freeze-dried fruit. We love it and think you will love it too. That's why we leave our fruits as they are, without industrial sugar, without preservatives, without additives.

Introduction to freeze drying.

Like freshly picked. Everytime and everywhere.

Our fully ripe fruits stay ripe, fresh and crunchy for several months. This is due to freeze drying. Shock freezing removes a large part of the fruit's water content using a vacuum. The fruits remain in their natural shape, color and aroma, paired with the irresistible crunch.


Freeze dried


Try it yourself.

Try for 30 days.

You probably love our buah products as much as we do, but in the unlikely event we give you a taste guarantee on our products. If you don't like it, send it back to us within 30 days.

To guarantee the taste

buah Purity Law.

As pure as Mother Nature.

There are hardly any more important things in life than health and happiness. And since most of our sensations go through our stomach, we at buah want to be sure that only good things come in there.
So we have written a purity law that shows you how seriously we take our mission.

  • #nothingsthannature
  • without added sugar
  • no additives and E numbers
About our purity law

Delicious and diverse.

You can conjure this up with the freeze-dried fruits.

Crunchy, sweet, irresistible.

As a crunchy topping, our fruits are the icing on the cake of your favorite meal . Click here for the Crunchy Happy Strawberry & Friends .

Determine your buah taste type.

Sweet, sour or exotic? Explore your taste buds.

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Snack, collect points and reward.

Collect points with every buah product you purchase, which you can then exchange for discounts or gifts. And find out about new products and promotions before anyone else. After all, so much snack loyalty has to be rewarded.

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About Us.

The story of buah.

Once upon a time there were two siblings, Jessica and Daniel Krauter. They traveled around the world and snacked on exotic fruits at every opportunity...

To the people behind the fruits

This is what our customers say.

So many customers trust us.

buah is exclusively nature.
buah is intense fruit taste.
buah is sweet, sour, exotic, crunchy – a treat for the palate.

That's what we say, and what do our buah snackers say?

FAQ: Freeze-dried fruits

Let's play a game. In the left corner is the buah fruit, in the right is a conventional fruit.