Fruits and nuts for every mood and every occasion, for young and old: The buah sets as cans, snack packs or chewy sweets.

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Zwei Kleinkinder haben eine Dose buah Erdbeeren und buah Kaubonbons in der Hand
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buah sets: The dried fruit mix for combination artists.

Are you shopping with us for the first time and want to get a culinary overview of our delicious dried fruit? Or are you here more often, looking for new flavor inspiration, want to buy your favorite fruits or find that special gift? Then you've come to the right place with our great sets.

Your dried fruit mix, just the way you like it.

buah sets means a fabulous selection of our delicious dried fruit, which we have put together for you in selected combinations, for example as a lunchbox set with fruit that your children are guaranteed to know in its fresh form. Want to bet that they'll bring their lunch box home empty down to the last crumb? Or as an immune booster set with particularly nutritious fruit. So winter can come. Or as a family tasting set with your favorite fruit varieties for all moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas.

You can also find sets with our very special varieties here. For example, the large box with chocolate-coated fruit from our Fruit & Cocoa Edition. The crunchy fruit & nut mix for those who can't get enough crunch. Or the large chewy sweets box for when things get particularly chewy.

Included in every set: 100% nature.

Whether you surprise your parents with the Mom&Dad snack set or ring in a happy family evening on the couch with our Sweet&Sour set, it doesn't matter. Because whatever your personal buah box contains, there's one thing you won't find in it: Additives.

Every product in our store, from the dried apple to the crunchy coating of our chocolate fruits, always consists of a single ingredient. There is only apple in the apple, only cocoa in the cocoa and nothing but passion fruit in the passion fruit chewy candy. Instead, we provide valuable nutrients and the intense taste of the sun that so strongly characterizes all our fruits.

Find the perfect mix.

Our sets are the product of the experience of our best snackers. They tried out many buah combinations for us, in many situations, and gave us their snack report. The result is a delicious dried fruit mix with perfectly coordinated aromas and flavors.

Become part of our Snacking community and start your snack journey now with the set of your choice. And if you think of a snack mix that we haven't thought of yet, let us know.