The buah Purity Law

The buah Purity Law is nature's original strawberry

Nature loves her creations, you can see and taste that in every fiber of her creations. It is precisely this innocent purity that we want to preserve and pass on to you. That's why we have made it our company's mission to let nature be nature.

Too booby by nature.

The buah Purity Law is our promise to you to offer you only the best from nature and to avoid unnecessary additives. Because we believe that nature has already given us everything valuable for our nutrition and would like to offer you our fruits as unaltered and in their purest form as possible.

Our Pur-pose.

Our products are therefore subject to strict rules, which we make visible with our seal.
Through our purity law we want to show you that we do without unnecessary things and only offer you the best from nature.

Just Fruit – Our fruit commandment:

  • 100% pure nature
  • no added (industrial) sugar
  • no additives and E numbers
  • no “fillers”
  • shortest list of ingredients

With our taste guarantee, you can try out buah products without risk and be convinced by their pure and natural taste. Discover pure fruit enjoyment.