Nut-fruit Mix

The most beautiful pair of lovers among snacks: nut-fruit mix made from fully ripe fruits and roasted nuts. So delicious!

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Sale price6,49 €(92,71 €/kg)
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buah nut fruit mix: Twice as crunchy.

Our freeze-dried fruits are already wonderfully crunchy as singles. But if you want to take the crunch to the extreme and indulge your senses with a further flavor nuance, reach for our pairs: buah nut fruit mixes with vitamin-rich fruit and crunchy seeds.

Pure nature also applies to our nuts.

Do you know what really gets on our nerves? When nuts are roasted in a large portion of fat. Not only does this rob them of their original flavor and turn them into real calorie bombs, it also works in a completely different way: We roast almonds and cashews in the buah nut fruit mix without any additional fats or oils. Of course, we don't add any salt either. What you put in your mouth later is a roasted nut that could hardly be more natural, and of course the same applies to our freeze-dried fruit: no oil, no salt and no additives, preservatives or added sugar. Just the best that nature has to offer its little treasures.

Everyone can join in the crunching.

And precisely because our nut and fruit mix is free from added fat, animal by-products, gluten and lactose, nobody has to worry about unsightly ingredients. Quite the opposite. The buah nut-fruit mix helps to provide your body with micronutrients that are essential for a healthy life.

They are therefore perfect as a tasty snack between meals, as a snack during breaks or as a snack for sports and games - and of course also for children. Only nut allergy sufferers prefer our pure fruit varieties.

And what is your fruit & nut mix?

Now you just have to make a decision: should it be the sweet mix of strawberry, banana & cashew? Or would you prefer the mix of exotic fig, local apple and almonds? Maybe you prefer it chewy and opt for mango-passion fruit chews with almond & cashew? Just take our tray of 9, it contains all varieties. Sometimes buying a fruit & nut mix can be so nice.