Fruit Chews

Fruit chews made from high-quality, fresh and ripe fruits: nothing but nature for a healthy snack in between.

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Sale priceFrom 2,99 €(74,75 €/kg)
Sale priceFrom 2,99 €(74,75 €/kg)
Sale priceFrom 2,99 €(74,75 €/kg)
Sale priceFrom 2,99 €(74,75 €/kg)
Sale priceFrom 2,99 €(74,75 €/kg)
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buah fruit chews: Tropical sweets made from 100% natural ingredients.

We're not just crunchy, we're chewy too. Our fruit chews made from fully ripe exotic fruit are exactly what you want in a chewy sweet: intense in taste, with the perfect combination of soft and firm for long-lasting chewing pleasure and, of course, free from all additives.

From fruit to chewy sweet: this is how it works.

Like all buah sweets and snacks, our chewy sweets are made from nothing other than organic fruit. We have deliberately chosen tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple and passion fruit because they are naturally wonderfully sweet and develop strong flavors, especially when they are picked when they are really ripe, as we do. Immediately after harvesting, the pineapples and their friends are peeled, washed, cut into small pieces and then gently air-dried before being put into the giant blender. Chop vigorously once and the dried fruit becomes a solid mass that we roll into small balls. The fruit chewy candy is ready.

A fruit chewy candy without a frighteningly long list of ingredients.

Did you notice anything? Our fruit chews actually only contain fruit. No binding agents, no flavor enhancers, and certainly no slippery gelatine or citric acid. We get by with just one ingredient - or two, if you fancy a fruit mix like mango and passion fruit, which means that everyone can really enjoy our chewy sweets. Vegans don't have to worry about animal ingredients, allergy sufferers don't have to worry about nuts or lactose and children don't get a sugar shock, but there are lots of good things in every bite. Valuable nutrients, for example. Because they are almost completely preserved by the air-drying process. So if you can't stop yourself from snacking, that's no reason for grey hair.

Bring the tropics home and here you come!

Would you prefer a pure variety, such as organic mango or pineapple? Or would you prefer the exotic mix with coconut and passion fruit? Or you can simply try all the varieties in our chewy sweets box - no matter which pack you end up with, one thing is certain: when you buy fruit chewy sweets from buah, you only get 100% natural fruit. A big buah word of honor.