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Real potato chips need neither fat nor additives. Just love, careful processing and 100% nature.

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A different kind of crispy snack: what are buah vegetable potato chips?

Chips from buah are the clever alternative to all the other greasy snacks on the potato chips shelf. As professionals for 100% natural snacks, we don't want to deprive you of these delicacies and have formed them into hearty, crunchy vegetable potato chips for you. In accordance with our purity principle, of course, without additives, flavor enhancers or added fat.

How are buah vegetable potato chips made?

When you hold our vegetable potato chips in your hand, please take two seconds to read through the list of ingredients. You won't need much longer than that. Our carrot potato chips are made from nothing but carrots, the beet potato chips contain only beet and you can probably guess which ingredient makes our yellow beet potato chips so famous.

This is made possible by our ingenious production process, because our potato chips don't get crispy in the deep fryer, but in the vacuum chamber. Without heat, we remove the water from the vegetable slices to make them as wonderfully crispy as chips should be, while at the same time preserving most of the micronutrients.

Our most important employee is responsible for the great taste: Mother Nature. Because if vegetables are grown properly and given enough time to mature, they are so full of flavor that they simply don't need any additives. Heartiness and a slight sweetness - it's all there!

Everyone can join in the snacking: Who are buah vegetable potato chips suitable for?

Where fat-free roasting is used and there are no additives, everyone is of course welcome: Vegans and vegetarians, people who have to avoid lactose or gluten and anyone who is watching their diet.

Or even those whose diet you are watching. Because our vegetable potato chips contain no added sugar, they are perfect for children. The little ones love the crunch and taste, while you don't have to have a guilty conscience if you serve an extra portion of snacks.

100% nature in dried vegetables: that's what you can expect from our vegetable potato chips.

If you choose our snack, you can look forward to real potato chip enjoyment without fat, artificial flavors or additives. And with the best of nature: fully ripe vegetables. But can it get any better? Sure, because we send you the buah vegetable potato chips in a practical box of 6 or as a set. So you can keep one pack at work, one in your glove compartment and one in your home office. And there are no arguments about sharing.

Now all you have to do is find your favorite variety - or simply grab our mixed set.