About us – About buah.

Sun hungry?

Welcome to buah - our company as a plea to the love of nature and the desire to bring home the sun-ripe fruit taste of the world in the best form and natural purity.

Nature from a child's eyes.

Do you remember your childhood days? When everything you saw was new, could be rediscovered, almost anything was possible? We do! We are Jessica and Daniel, brother and sister and the founding duo of buah. Tinkerers, explorers and nature lovers. At the Tiger Duck Club we worked on the largest fantasy machine in the world. In the children's program Löwenzahn we built a table tennis ball machine out of an old windshield wiper motor.

But we first discovered our love for nature and our entrepreneurial spirit when we grew our pumpkins and sold them to the neighborhood.

Reinvent the fruit? – No, bring her with you.

Gradually we grew up and so did our adventure radius. The Swabian garden fence was no longer sufficient. We wanted more. It drove us abroad. Costa Rica and Thailand were our goals and overwhelmed us. What nature! Fruit trees, palms and perennials galore, blessed by the sun, accessible to everyone, they hung from trees and enjoyed self-service. Ripe, juicy, bursting from the skin. What a luxury, we thought. And looked wistfully at the sad, far too green fruit shelves in the supermarkets at home.

Nature just knows better.

The melancholy followed the action. Our idea of ​​bringing sun-ripened fruits like we experienced abroad to Germany germinated in us and drove us around. We worked on how. How do we manage to bring the fruit home so ripe and fresh without losing its quality?
Many tests, major stumbling blocks and unbridled resilience finally led us to the solution: freeze-drying. You can actually let the fruits ripen for as long as they deserve, then freeze them and carefully remove the water. What remains is the unforgettable taste that we got to know abroad.


The buah principle.

In 2015, Daniel and Jessica became buah, which means fruit in Indonesian. The name is the company and the company is the name. Our fruits get the best natural treatment that nature intended for them: hanging out in the sun on the tree as long as possible. We were able to identify with this and give our passion an outlet. The fully ripe taste of a fruit that has just been plucked from the tree, a gift from nature available to all. buah. Nothing but nature.

The fruit goal: Our mission.

Today we are proud to bring our dream, the beauty and taste of nature, into so many households. We hope that you will accompany us on our journey and become part of our mission:
We make nature’s gifts tangible in moments of enjoyment.