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✓ buah Purity Law | 100% natural, 0% added sugar
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Vegetable magic set – crispy, magical moments made from 100% nature, 0% fat.

Thanks to Popeye, we all know that vegetables have superpowers. We at buah also know how to make things crispier, tastier and more practical than canned spinach. Our crunchy vegetable chips are always ready when you need them. In three nutrient-rich varieties without any oils or additives, they will enchant your everyday life.

Be smarter than Popeye and enjoy Buah's vegetable magic:

  • Children crunch our carrot chipsfaster than we thought possible: the mildly sweet taste and incomparable crunch speak for themselves.
  • With theYellow beetroot chips are always sunnyon, the bright color and the naturally intense taste accompany you on every trip to keep hunger away and enjoyment at hand.
  • Crunchy, with a mild taste andintense red colorthe beetroot chips are oursInsider tip for hikes, outdoor and recreational sports.

buah has made vegetables crispy.

All you have to do is let yourself be enchanted by the hearty variety of aromas and the exciting new tastes. Become part of the buah revolution in the chip universe:

  • Crunchy vegetable chips in three varieties and without any oil, additives or preservatives: nutrients to the power of 3 in absolute purity.
  • Try out our vegetable newcomers and find your hearty favorite.
  • Crispy lightweights that will treat you to magical snack moments on the go, guaranteed without leaving your fingers greasy.

Ready for vegetable magic?

boo. Nothing but nature.

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