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All buah products bring more fruit, nuts and love to your mouth. We rely 100% on the magic of nature.



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buah Fruits: The full program.

Here you will find our entire range at a glance: from our crunchy-tastic dried buah fruits to our irresistible fruit mixes (also with nuts) and practically eye-catching accessories. Let yourself be surprised, inspired and fascinated by what is possible with 100 % nature and a lot of love for the product.

Naturally diverse.

When we say nothing but nature, we mean nothing but nature. Because when we dry our buah fruit, we do that without anything that is not already in our freshly harvested fruit. No preservatives, no flavor enhancers, no artificially added sugar.

What you get from us is gently dried buah fruit that not only tastes like it has just been picked, but also contains just as many vitamins, minerals and other trace elements as freshly harvested fruit.

100% natural even applies to our accessories: coconut shells and spoons are natural by-products of our coconut harvest. Others burn these valuable raw materials, we process them further. Only our refill jars do not yet grow on trees. But we are working on it ;-)

buah fruit snacks for everyone.

The fact that we do not use any additives in our buah fruit means two things: firstly, that you can enjoy it yourself without a guilty conscience. On the other hand, it means that you can share our crunchy fruit with family and friends without hesitation.

Vegans and vegetarians or people who have to avoid lactose or gluten - they can all join in the snacking. Also welcome: the youngest among us. Because buah fruits are the perfect snack for children, with their sweetness from natural fructose, their vitamins and minerals, they are ideal as a dessert after breakfast at nursery or school, as a little secret ingredient in quark and muesli or as a very special extra on an ice cream sundae.

The best of nature.

In short: If you want to buy dried fruit that contains everything that nature makes so good for us, that stays fresh for a long time even without refrigeration and that contains 0% additives, then you've come to the right place.

If you have any questions about our products, our taste guarantee or our purity principle, please take a look at the information section of our store (at the top of the menu under About buah) - or simply contact our support team with confidence. Welcome to our sunny buah garden.