Freeze-dried mango & coconut ORGANIC

The crunchy fruit mixture with an extra portion of South Seas feeling. 100% fruit, 100% natural. 0% additives.

  • made from 100% fully ripe organic fruits
  • nutty-tropical in taste
  • sweet without any added sugar, contains only the fruit's own
  • extra crispy
  • durable
Size: large can (250g)
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✓ buah Purity Law | 100% natural, 0% added sugar
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We crack this nut: it's in our organic mangoes and coconuts.

Enjoy our crunchy organic mango & coconut as:

  • perfect start to the day: Pimp my muesli
  • little sunshine on gray days
  • Ingredient in exotic dishes such as curries or maafe

Did you know that even professionals still open coconuts with a hammer? We've been eating these delicious fruits for so long and we still haven't come up with a better method... That's why we'll do the cracking for you and cut the nut into nice, thick slices.

Just like mangoes, because they are not easy to peel. All you have to do is access and enjoy. And you can do this with a clear conscience, because there are no preservatives or flavor enhancers in our dried fruits.

The natural fructose alone provides the sweetness; everything else is the natural fruit, which is almost completely preserved through the gentle drying process. will be just like valuable nutrients.

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